HSF briefs

The Arms Procurement Commission Thus Far
Mar 14, 2013
Kameel Premhid

In this Brief ('The Arms Procurement Commission Thus Far'), Kameel Premhid, HSF Intern, examines the major issues affecting the Arms Procurement Commission (APC) since its inception. The APC is the first time that the South African Government has indicated that there was potential wrongdoing with the infamous Arms Deal. This is the first time that there exists a possibility to hold those involved in the deal accountable. However, this will not be possible if the APC continues to conduct itself in the way it has.

The SADC Tribunal: The rule of power versus the rule of law - The Tribunal Tragedy
Mar 14, 2013
Andre Dumon

The future of the neutered SADC Tribunal is dependent upon the SADC Summit in August and perhaps the pending ruling of the South African Constitutional Court on the case of dispossessed Zimbabwean famers. At issue is also the link between the rule law and economic development. In the case of Zimbabwe the rule of power still trumps the law, and as a consequence the economy suffers. This provides portents for the SADC leaders.

Introducing HSF Briefs
Mar 06, 2013
Helen Suzman Foundation

As part of our mandate to facilitate and stimulate dialogue on matters relating to our liberal constitutional democracy, the Helen Suzman Foundation is embarking on a project to research and publish a series of Briefs.

Zimbabwe I - Demography & Economy
Charles Simkins

This, the first of two briefs examining the prospects for Zimbabwe following the presidential succession, will consider the demographic and economic context. The second brief will discuss the political implications.