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Future of our cities: Report back
Author: Wim Louw
Published: 01 Aug 2013
This brief reports on the Helen Suzman Foundations Roundtable event on the Future of our Cities.
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Some Notes on Sovereignty
Author: Kameel Premhid
Published: 25 Jul 2013
The Helen Suzman Foundation has already written about the Constitutional Court’s decision in Government of Zimbabwe v Fick. In this brief, we look at whether the concept of sovereignty should have meant any different.
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The SADC Tribunal Lives On… Kind Of.
Author: Kameel Premhid
Published: 12 Jul 2013
The Constitutional Court’s decision in Government of Zimbabwe v Fick is a partial victory; the disbandment of the SADC Tribunal remains a travesty of justice. This Brief examines this in greater detail.
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HSF Takes JSC to Court: Update
Author: Kameel Premhid
Published: 20 Jun 2013
This Brief gives an update on the HSF’s pending court case against the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).
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