You are what you drive

TRC commissioners are each entitled to a vehicle.

Considering the enjoyable row over Mpumalanga’s purchase of BMW 528is to replace the “crumbling” three-year-old 525s that its long-suffering MECs have to drive over the province’s bumpy roads, (they do have “ a certain status” to keep up), readers may be interested to know that the TRC commissioners show a preference for Mercedes-Benz. Under a scheme similar to that enjoyed by Supreme Court judges they are each entitled to a vehicle. We list their choices opposite. Mrs Mary Burton is either setting an example or letting the side down, depending on your point of view.

Archbishop Tutu Toyota Camry
 Dr A.L.Boraine Mercedes C280
Mrs M.M.Burton Own vehicle
Adv Jager Mercedes C220
Rev B.B. Finca Mercedes E220
Mrs S.V. Khampepe Mitsubishi Pajero
Mr R. Lyster Volvo station wagon
Mr W.C. Malan Mercedes E320 A
Rev K.E.Mgojo Mercedes C220 EL M
Mrs H.B. Mkhize Volvo Sedan
Mr D.B. Ntsebeza Mercedes E320
Dr W Orr Audi A4
Adv D.O. Potgieter Mercedes C280
Dr M.F. Ramashala BMW 328M
Dr M.F. Randera Mitsubishi Pajero
Ms Y.L. Sooka Volvo station wagon
Ms G. Wildschut Audi A4