Focus 21 - First Quarter 2001

South Africa's support for Mugabe: Thabo Mbeki has propped up Zimbabwe's dictator at great cost to the region and his own reputation, says R.W. Johnson. Blocked by tactics of terror: How should a democratic party respond to a government that uses any illegality to block the opposition?
Arms deal inquiry crushed

The government has deployed a rapid response force of loyal troops to halt an embarrassing probe into the arms deal.

Comment: The Derby-Lewis case

The impartiality and consistency of amnesty decisions is put under the spotlight by the case of Chris Hani's killers.

Interview with Gavin Woods

Either we stand up for the rights of Parliament against the executive or we are seen to give in and fail.

May the best bid win

There is a lot more to the fiasco of the third cellphone license than simple mismanagement.