Focus 56 Chapters

Going for Growth Going for Growth

The Helen Suzman Foundation and Gordon Institute of Business Science held a thought-provoking Conference where we probed how we can continue our country’s growth trajectory amidst global turmoil and local challenges.

Human Rights Dialogue 01 Human Rights Dialogue 01

Thank you for joining us for the launch of the Helen Suzman Foundation’s Human Rights Dialogue Series. We have assembled an accomplished panel for this first edition. They work in various sections of civil society and independently in universities, and have been working and writing in the field of human rights in a variety of roles and configurations for a considerable period of time.

Pharmaceuticals in South Africa - An Enquiry

This document looks at issues of pharmacy ownership, price determination, issues with competition and regulation, looking at what is considered anti-competitive behaviour as well as a mapping of the geographical distribution of pharmaceutical supply points and its implications.

South Africa’s foreign policy and the Constitution South Africa’s foreign policy and the Constitution

South Africa's behaviour in the foreign policy arena is alarmingly unpredictable and often in violation of its proclaimed foreign policy commitments. But there seems to be little awareness that in many of these cases, the Government is also in violation of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. As the first of its kind, this article demonstrates how South Africa's foreign policy must fit the Constitutional and legislative framework, and not the other way around.