Focus 55 Chapters

Focus 59 - November 2010 - Making South Africa Work: Universalising Competence

We take our lead in this edition from Daniel de Kadt’s challenging exposition of why human capital matters. de Kadt goes beyond the usual rhetoric of the importance of human capital and contextualises it politically and socially. All who are interested in South Africa’s developmental trajectory should spend time reflecting on his observations and conclusion.

Delivering Justice: Symposium Series - Part Two: Criminal Justice

This is the second in a series of three symposia on practical aspects of the justice system in South Africa. This symposium seeks to explore and inform discussions around the enhancement of criminal justice in South Africa. It features: Adv Menzi Simelane, Judge Azhar Cachalia, Judge Thami Makhanya, and Prof Stephen Tuson.

Delivering Justice: Symposium Series - Part One: Civil Justice

This is the first in a series of three symposia on practical aspects of the justice system in South Africa. This symposium focuses on the delivery of justice in the civil litigation system. It features: Judge Murray Kellam, Prof Laurence Boulle, Adv Nazeer Cassim, Prof Cathi Albertyn, and Judge Dennis Davis.

Issue Eighteen - Febuary 2011 - South Africa's Debt Trap

The Helen Suzman Foundation, in association with its partner the Open Society Foundation For South Africa, hosted its first QRS of the year. The QRS explored South Africa’s Debt Trap against the background of the National Credit Act, and the responses to this Act from the Banking sector and Micro Finance Industry.

Issue Seventeen - September 2010 - The Energy Mix: Electrifying South Africa

As the state of South Africa continues its search of efficient and effective resolutions to the energy dilemma and strives to meet the country’s long term demand, The Helen Suzman Foundation took the opportunity to host a roundtable discussion on this issue. The theme of the discussion, The Energy Mix: Electrifying South Africa, has its roots in the government’s expressed commitment to expand the country’s energy mix and to move beyond fossil-based fuel sources.

Focus 61 - June 2011 - Arts and Culture

This edition of Focus is dedicated to Arts and Culture. The question may well be posed as to why an organisation whose mandate is the promotion of liberal constitutional democracy should be spending time and resources on the Arts. At the Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF), we believe that the development of both human and social capital is central to the tasks of building a society where both individual excellence and community development are valued.