Focus 55 Chapters

Focus 65 – On Liberty

This edition of Focus is devoted to exploring some of the challenges, both social and political, which have confronted South African liberalism as it seeks to deepen the notion of liberty in our daily life. Balancing the demands of economic efficiency, social justice and individual liberty is, as Keynes so neatly pointed out nearly a century ago, the central political problem.

Issue Twenty Two - July 2012 - Government - Business Relations: The Role of Business

This Roundtable examined the current relationship between government and the private sector in South Africa with a view to determining what role business itself should be playing. Specific questions addressed by the four panelists include: how does the strained relationship between government and business undermine South Africa’s ability to overcome its domestic challenges; what role do the various business organisations play in influencing the policy debate in South Africa; what role do the various business organisations play in influencing the policy debate in South Africa; and should the business sector engage publically with government about contentious issues or should they do it behind closed doors?

Issue Twenty Three - September 2012 - Guilty or not guilty: Behind bars anyway

The Helen Suzman Foundation, in association with the Open Society For South Africa, hosted a QRS dealing with prisoners in remand and human rights. The aim of the QRS was to explore the issues currently faced by people who are placed in remand detention pending the finalisation of their court case. These issues include overcrowding, court delays, excessive time spent in remand, and an inability to qualify for bail amongst others.

Delivery of justice: Building a house of justice in Africa

This Report provides an overview of the issues that were raised in three distinct areas of South Africa’s justice system (civil litigation, criminal law, and constitutional law) and places them against the backdrop of the growing tension between the executive and judicial branches of government.

Issue Twenty Four - September 2012 - Corruption

"Corruption and misadministration are inconsistent with the rule of law and the fundamental values of our constitution. They undermine the constitutional commitment to human dignity, the achievement of equality and the advancement of human rights and freedoms. They are the antithesis of the open, accountable, democratic government required by the Constitution. If allowed to go unchecked and unpunished they will pose a serious threat to our democratic state." - Judge Arthur Chaskalson, President of the South African Constitutional Court, 2000.