Press Release: The HSF on the President's Cabinet Reshuffle

The Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) has taken note of last night’s cabinet reshuffle with dismay. The HSF is extremely concerned that the changes have not been made with the interests of the country at heart, but in order to promote undisclosed personal agendas.

Our feeling was further strengthened by the ANC Secretary-General’s comments this morning on Radio 702’s Eyewitness News, where he stated that the list of new cabinet members “was developed somewhere else” and that he did not know where that might be.

The President’s latest action has not only endangered the country’s economic and financial situation, but has placed South Africa in a constitutional crisis.  The HSF will do what it can to oppose irrational decisions of this nature and their consequences.  Whilst the President has a right, in terms of the Constitution, to appoint and dismiss members of cabinet, he should not do so in a manner inimical to the national interest.

Francis Antonie
31 March 2017