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Household Income and Household Hunger
Nov 17, 2021
Charles Simkins

The preceding two briefs in this series considered the measurement of hunger at the household and personal levels in the 2019 General Household Survey and the five waves of the NIDS-CRAM survey conducted between April 2020 and March 2021. This brief develops the analysis by discussing the relationship between household income per capita, poverty and measures of hunger.

The Forthcoming Municipal Elections - Against The Background Of Local Government Disorder
Oct 26, 2021
Sophie Smit

The current state of local government in South Africa is in a dire state and communities and local businesses are bearing the brunt of failing service delivery and accountability. These individuals have tried different avenues to enforce the constitutional obligations of their municipalities with little to no success encountered at each turn. With the municipal elections now before us, this brief concludes that voting is the best tool that South Africans have in holding their administrations to account.

Beyond CR17 - Problems With The Executive Members’ Ethics Act And The Executive Ethics Code
Oct 21, 2021
Zeenat Emmamally

This is the last in a three-brief series. The first brief dealt with the relationship between donations towards campaigns within political parties and the Executive Ethics Code. The second brief discussed the reasons for disclosure of these donations. This brief considers problems with the Executive Members’ Ethics Act and the Executive Ethics Code.